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Hotel in Montepulciano – Cucina povera, spa and relax by the pool in the Tuscan countryside

Hotel Villa Ambra is surrounded by the Tuscan landscape, a few kilometres away from Montepulciano historical centre. HotelVillaAmbra_Coverbild
Its location is ideal, among the green and the landscape of the Tuscan countryside, close to historical city centres, breath-taking views and spas such as Terme di Montepulciano, Terme di Chianciano, San Filippo and Bagno Vignoni.
The hotel is provided with a courtyard and a swimming pool, which blend well with the Tuscan countryside.
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Villa Ambra’s restaurant is not just the usual restaurant of an hotel, but the dishes it serves are remarkable in its tastes and flavours, the ingredients coming from organic products.
In order to offer the best products, the hotel works together with two farms from Montepulciano and Chiusi, whose land borders Villa Ambra. They provide us with their wines and they offer the chance to have guided tours to the vineyards.

We recommend…

Theia Thermal Swimming Pool

Relax yourself totally by immersing in these warm waters while being surrounded by nature.
Theia thermal swimming pools are a short 5 mins drive from the hotel. They can be a very pleasant way to spend the afternoon, as an alternative from wine&food or natural tours.
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Between Val di Chiana e Val d’Orcia, to Bagni San Filippo

Visiting these places means taking the best out of your time here, by seeing the best spots in the area. Driving around Val di Chiana and Val d’Orcia you will see the best that Tuscany has to offer, in terms of countryside, landscapes and historical centres. We recommend to arrive to San Filippo and Vignone, there you can spend hours relaxing in the middle of nature. These thermal pools are totally free for your enjoyment.
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Vineyard picnic with Nobili di Montepulciano e Chianti

The happy hour in the vineyard, where all our wines begin, is something that cannot be missed out. You will be able to taste and discover organic and non-organic wines, and you will appreciate the best that two tiny producers can offer with passion.
Definitely a not-so-typical way to spend pre-dinner time.
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