A secret place in Tuscany


Adjacent to the farmhouse, there is a small secluded corner for those who prefer privacy. 

Two large rustic-style double rooms with exposed stone walls overlook the oldest vineyard that surrounds the estate, where our Chianti is produced. 

This is a piece of Tuscany, an oasis of absolute relaxation where you can rest and enjoy a good glass of wine at sunset.


Three rooms in perfect rural Tuscan style, created from what was the ancient barn in which the fodder for the farm’s animals was stored.

A sweet awakening, lulled by the scent of flowering fruit trees, the flow of water, the explosion of colors that the park offers in all its seasons.

From the Barn you can enjoy a view that will satisfy your eyes and spirit.


As per peasant tradition, every house had a hearth, a symbol of sociality, aggregation, but above all family.

Our “Focolare” is therefore aimed at families and groups.

A rural apartment created from what was once the main inhabited nucleus.

Four large double bedrooms each with independent bathroom. A kitchen equipped with all comforts, a large living room with relaxation area and wood stove.

Two entrances and an exclusive outdoor area where you can enjoy lunches and dinners during the hot summer days.



Homemade cakes, mocha coffee, our jams, our honey, pan-fried eggs, local salami and ham, pecorino cheeses… these are some of our proposals for a KM0 breakfast


The cuisine is that of “poor Tuscany”, handed down from the past.

Few quality ingredients for dishes that tell the story.

The raw materials mostly come from our garden or from nearby local producers with whom we collaborate with pleasure with the aim of enhancing our territory and our products.

WINE ... our first love

Wine is our first love, we produce the wines we offer to our guests with passion and stubbornness. From reds that reflect traditions to the bolder rosés and whites. Natural, organic wines, produced simply and with ancient methods.

With us you can choose from the classic tasting in the cellar to the more adventurous one in the vineyard, savoring the wines where they are born.

country style aperitifs

Everything conventional bores us, which is why we like to experiment.

Here you can try country-style aperitifs based on wine or red vermouth from our production, accompanied by small local “goodies” to be enjoyed

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