A secret place in Tuscany

15 hectares of RELAX

The Park of the Farmhouse

A valley in the heart of the countryside dominated by the most traditional agricultural landscape.

Cultivated fields, vineyards, streams, woods, hedges, and rows of trees… the countryside, the beautiful and healthy one. 

Fifteen hectares of greenery surrounding the farmhouse, where you can relax by walking, reading, sipping wine or having a family barbecue. 

Next to the farmhouse, there is also a garden with the most typical vegetables which you can enjoy by picking and cooking them yourself. 

In short, a stay dedicated to food, wine, and relaxation.

100 square meters of freshness.

The pool at the farmhouse

Immerse yourself in the freshness and tranquility at Podere della Bruciata. 

Our pool, framed by the majestic Tuscan countryside, offers a refuge of serenity. 

With ample space to relax, you will enjoy unforgettable moments under the Tuscan sun. The crystal-clear waters invite relaxation, while the surrounding landscape offers a unique sensory experience. 

Whether you want to swim or simply enjoy the peace, our pool is the perfect place to reconnect with nature and regenerate in an oasis of pure wellness.


From the vineyard to the glass in just a few meters

How about poolside aperitifs?

Watch the vineyards while drinking their wine, and savor the freshness of our artisanal wines.

The sun, water, and laughter create the perfect atmosphere.

Let’s pop open the happiness together!”

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